Get Involved

(Coming Soon: Opportunities to Become a Blessing)

Every day, Family Promise connects people who want to help with opportunities to make a difference.  Our volunteers give of their time and talent in so many ways to help homeless and low-income families regain the dignity and independence they deserve.

You don’t need to donate thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours of service to make a difference.  In fact, one hour of volunteering can work wonders.   Basic kindness can change bad days to good ones.  It can even transform lives.

Family Promise offers many meaningful opportunities for volunteers.  Prepare a meal.  Read a story to a toddler.  Help write a résumé.  Donate furniture, clothes, supplies.  Or just offer compassion and support.

Once we have reached our goal of 13 hosting congregations, we will be able to establish a Network of congregations and begin…

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